Welcome to Colorado Premier Staging!

“We love taking those blank canvases and painting a welcoming home for potential buyers.”  Teri Clardy, PMP and Stager Pro

“Home Staging”

The art of preparing a home to maximize its value, and to make it memorable, and maximize its appeal for selling. At Colorado Premier Staging we create unforgettable, “make me move” spaces that appeal to the largest number of your most likely potential buyers.

Components of Professionally staged homes include:

  • Open Spacious Rooms – The proper amount and placement of furniture and accessories is critical. Rooms that feel cramped, cluttered or cold will leave your prospective buyers feeling less than impressed. We give your rooms that welcoming feeling that invites prospective buyers to see themselves in the home.
  • Focal Points – It’s important to have clear, interesting focal points that demand the attention of the eye. Rooms that lack focal points can be bland and boring. When selling a home, focal points help capture and hold the buyer’s interest.
  • Pockets of Emotion™– Pockets of Emotion™ can make your buyer laugh, cry and connect with the home. These are the touches that help ensure that your home is the one they are going to remember in the days following their viewing and the one they connect with emotionally.

“Redesign”         Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

The art of turning awkward, unusable, misused or blah spaces into welcoming, engaging, relaxing and efficient places for everyday living using what the homeowner already has.

Redesign requires the ability to provide innovative use of design and space. If you are looking to define or give clear definition to a space or, if you have limited space and need to use a space for multiple purposes, or if you have a space that is underwhelming, unwelcoming or doesn’t serve it’s purpose, we have the innovation, expertise and know how you need to turn it around using what you already own.