completed home staging consultation in bedroom with white covers and gray blanket

Home Staging Consultation

A home staging consultation will provide you with all the information necessary to prepare your home so it appeals to the largest number of potential buyers.

Colorado Premier Staging gives clients three different types of home staging consultations. This way, clients can choose which service works best with their needs.

The Written Staging Consultation

This report includes an itemized and prioritized, step-by-step home staging consultation checklist. Furthermore, it includes pictures of the areas discussed so you can effectively prepare your home for the market.

We also provide a market analysis that describes the most likely buyer for your home so we can target the staging appropriately

Virtual Staging Consultation

During a virtual staging consultation, our professional consultant will walk through the home and record all the steps and items needed to best prepare the home for the market. The homeowner is presented with the finished recording.

Walk and Talk Staging Consultation

Best for the budget-minded homeowner, our professional stager will walk roomy by room with the homeowner. They will list everything that should be done to prepare the home for the market. During the walk and talk staging consultation, the homeowner will take notes.