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According to CNN and Careerbuilder “Home Staging is listed as the #1 career poised for growth”.
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APSD Home Stager™ 
Certification Program

The 3-Part APSD Home Stager™ Training System:

The APSD Home Stager™ Certification program is taught in six (6) online sessions that include Staging Exercises, Knowledge Reviews and live interaction with Teri Clardy, your APSD Certified Property Scene Designer Trainer™. 

The first three (3) sessions are devoted to teaching the Fundamentals of the APSD™ Home Staging Techniques and Strategies. The final three (3) sessions have been specifically created to provide the necessary Business Tools and Knowledge to start your Staging business immediately after training is complete.

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Program Benefits: 
(Upon Completion of Certification)

  • Send questions and receive answers directly from APSD Stager Pro Teri Clardy or from Karen Schaefer, founder of APSD!
  • Receive a nationally recognized APSD™ certification
  • Referral to the nationally certified APSD™ Property Scene Designers team to add to your staging opportunities
  • Monthly Listing in the nationally distributed On line Magazine, The Home Stage Report, The Official Publication of APSD™
  • Your own APSD™ Home Stager Certification Card & Home Stager designation
  • Discounts at Major Vendors
  • Access to Home Staging Insurance Program
  • Job Placement Opportunity & Networking Board
  • Business Contracts & Pricing Sheets
  • APSD Home Stager™ Registration Kit
  • APSD Home Stager™ Training Course Kit
  • APSD Professional Home Stager Business System™
  • 1-Year of APSD Membership Benefits
  • Access to APSD Home Stager Members-Only Newtorking Website
  • Ability to participate in APSD Stager Pro, APSD Property Designer and APSD Certified Trainer Courses

Program Sequence and Content:

  • Part I – Upon registration into the APSD™ Online Home Stager Program, you will receive an “APSD Home Stager™ Registration Kit” which is sent directly to you. It will inform you on how to get the greatest benefit from the program, tell you how to get started immediately and includes the “APSD™ Home Staging Workbook”.
  • Part II – is an on line training series with Karen Schaefer (don’t worry if you are not super computer savvy—it is easy and we will help you get used to the format!). Each week will build on the previous week until you know exactly how to go out there, be confident and get business in the Home Staging Industry. After each segment we send you a short Knowledge Review. In order to move to the next session, you complete the knowledge review to confirm your understanding. That way, I will know if I am doing my job and you have been able to learn everything I have to offer. 

  • Part III – And finally, The “APSD Home Stager™ Training Course.” At the end of the entire online training course, I am going to give you, yes just give you, the entire training manual of all 6 sessions so that you can go back, review, take notes and reference all the information. In addition to that, I will record every session and give you a complete recording so you can listen to it again and again. 

We all know that we can only remember 20% of what we are taught the first time, so why not get all 100% out of it by being able to reference the information whenever you want.

APSD Home Stager™ Training Course

One full and complete training system to make sure that you have everything you need to be a success in the home staging industry.

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