I had a home sell that I had recently staged.  Unfortunately, the Realtor failed to notify me until 1:00 the day of closing!  I quickly rearranged my schedule and my assistant and I, with my poor 83 year old mother in tow, headed to the house.  As we pulled up my heart sank.  The new owners were already moving in.  Not your most optimal scenario.  However, my assistant and I headed up to the door, introduced ourselves and apologized for the timing.

They were a charming couple and we chatted a little as we were boxing up our staging items and they were arranging their boxes.  We moved into what the marketing literature called the “sun room” (an enclosed porch) and the couple told us that they had liked the staging so much they were going to replicate it as best as they could.  I told them where I had purchased most of the items and also told them I was pleased they were so impressed with the staging. They went on to say that they loved the  little “scene” I had placed in the kitchen, it had given them a really good laugh.  (Our POETM  scenes are one of our APSD trademarks, and one of the things that help us to stand out over our competition. We capture the potential buyers’ interest and emotions so they fall in love with the home.)

As professional home stagers we do not always receive feedback on how our staging is received by potential buyers.  We can judge by the time on market and feedback from the seller or realtor but it’s always better to get feedback direct from the target buyers.  So although the circumstance weren’t the best, the outcome was rewarding.

Sun Room Staging

Enclosed Sun Room

Kitchen game night snacks

No Snacking – that means you too Dad!



Written by Kevin Fletcher