Let’s face it, moving isn’t easy.

It takes planning, organization, time and a whole lot of Work. “What do I take, what should I leave, what do I do with the things I don’t want or can’t keep, which moving company should I use… How Am I Going To Get This All Done?”  These are only a few of the concerns associated with moving.

Moving may be more than you can handle physically or emotionally.  Or it may just be that you have other things that take priority and you can’t do it all.  In any case, if you need help in order to sell your home and move, we’re here for you and we understand your concerns.  That’s why we provide liaison services that allow you to have a Stress Free Move.  Our services are reasonably priced and are based on the size of your move.

Moving Services include:

Move Management

  • Hire, schedule & manage your moving company;
  • Sort & pack at your existing home, unpack & organize at new home

Furniture Identification and Placement

  • Identify which pieces should be moved, which can be sold and which should be given away.
  • Manage the placement of the pieces being moved in the new home.
  • Manage the distribution of furniture items to be sold/given away.

Liaison/Project Management

  • Manage the dispersal of household items (e.g., liaison for charity pickup, estate sale, garage sale, etc.)
  • Manage cleanup (cleaning company, trash removal, etc.)

Shopping services

  • Shop for items required in your new home or for accessories used to sell your existing home.

Senior Living Facility Move Coordination

  • We’ll coordinate the move with your moving company and the senior living facility.

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