Staged a Great 3 Bedroom Home in East Denver.

I recently staged a very nice, vacant 3 bedroom investor property in Denver. It was really fun doing this property. The finishes were great and the layout of the home was fun to work with.

living room close up






Kitchen Scene

Kitchen Scene



After finishing staging this vacant property I headed over to an occupied home and did a “Walk & Talk” home staging consultation. I had already given the home owner a color analysis and she had finished the painting and the lighting updates I recommended.  The transformation was totally amazing – from dated, worn home to modern, clean and inviting.  After they finish preparing the rest of the house, it is going to blow prospective buyers away!!

I soooo LOVE what I do for a Living!!! And what’s really great is I get to help others move forward!!


If you are in the Denver Metro Area, give us a call. We can help with all your Home Staging needs including Vacant Home Staging, Curb Appeal and Color Analysis.


Written by Kevin Fletcher