2 months priormoving boxes

o Get estimates from moving companies and/or storage units.

o Make a list of people you want to give your new address to when you move.

o Sketch or print the floor plans of your new home and start thinking about furniture placement.

o Go through each room of your home. Think about what will and will not fit with your new home and designate items for donation or yard sale.

o Take an inventory of your valuable belongings for insurance purposes.


6 weeks prior

o Set your moving date.

o Finalize your moving company choice and make your reservations.

o If you are doing the packing, collect boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and other necessary packing supplies.

o Pack the items you don’t use often. For example, your out of season clothing and other seasonal items such as Christmas decorations.  Note: if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing or used an item in a year or more, you probably should put it in the donate or yard sale pile.

o Make any necessary travel arrangements (remember to think about your pets needs too).

o If you have children, have their records transferred to their new school or daycare.

o Obtain your medical records to give to future medical providers.

o Organize and hold a yard sale.


1 month prior

o Return library books.

o Pick up all dry cleaning.

o Pick up any prescriptions and have your prescriptions transferred to a pharmacy near your new home.


2 weeks prior

o Contact utility companies (gas, electric, phone, cable/satellite TV, etc.) to cancel services at your current home and activate services at your new home on your move in date.

o Cancel your newspaper subscription if moving to a new city, or, if staying within the same city, provide them with your new address.

o If moving to where a new bank is required, remember to empty your current safe deposit box.

o File a “Change of Address” with the post office to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

o Change your address with your credit card companies, magazine subscriptions, financial institutions and other companies and organizations as necessary.

o Send friends and family your new address.


1 week prior

o Properly dispose of paints, flammable liquids and other items that can’t be moved.

o Call to confirm any travel arrangements.

o Finish packing and pack yourself a suitcase with a few days’ worth of clothing, toiletries and any valuable belongings you prefer to keep with you.

o Check out every room, cupboard, closet, attic and crawl space to make sure you have packed everything so you don’t leave anything behind.

o Remember to leave all literature related to operation and warranties of appliances staying with the house.

o Arrange for childcare/pet care for moving day.

o Confirm your reservation with the moving company.

o Print a map and directions to your new address for the movers.

o On the day before your move, empty, defrost and clean out your refrigerator.


Moving day

o Supervise any moving company workers as they pack/move your belongings.

o Leave a note to the new residents and include your new address in case the post office doesn’t forward your mail right away and the location of all warranty papers.

o Turn off lights, lock windows, and close and lock the doors before you leave.


GOOD LUCK and Wishing you the best in your new home!


Written by Teri Clardy

Teri Clardy

Teri Clardy is an experienced Project Management Professional and Certified Home Stager Pro. She is the owner of and head property designer for Colorado Premier Staging llc. She is based out of LIttleton but serves all of the Denver Metro area with her luxurious & attractive Home Staging services.